Power electronics

Easy implementation of complex digital power control functions !

Our vision

We provide various digital control software and PoC around power supplies.
For example, are you having trouble with the following ?

■ Lack of technical know-how
 ・ I want to increase the output of analog power supply by introducing digital control.
 ・ I want to achieve miniaturization and high efficiency using GaN and SiC.
 ・ I want to introduce new technologies such as insulation LLC and high frequency.

■ Lack of knowledge in new fields



Micro grid

Regenerative energy in factory


In-house power supply software development resources are constantly lacking

Our policy is to quickly solve these technical issues and “never miss the timing of commercialization/R&D for you”.

Our strength

For more than 20 years since our establishment, we have consistently developed software for power supply / battery control, and communication.
This industry’s No. 1 power generation/storage conversion technology is used in many products.

 ・Realization of short TAT development by original simulation environment
 ・Reduce the number of parts by software control by digitization
 ・Proposal for board miniaturization utilizing co-design of hardware/software

We can handle a wide range of tasks.

Power range
Design flow


Case1. Mass production software development
 ・Development of entire power supply control software including peripherals
 ・We are good at co-design including hardware

ApplicationOverviewSoftwareHardwareACDCDCDC SiC GaN
V2H/V2X6kW bi-directional LLC
PCS10kW single-phase / three-phase system
Power storage system1.5kW Bi-directional and self-sustaining operation
UPS3kW LiB for backup
Server3kW LLC
Industrial robot400W Power supply
AGV1.5kW Contactless power supply
(electric field coupling method)
On board charger11kW PFC+LLC
Sample of achievement

Case2. Software library of control for interconnection system
 ・Digital control required for interconnection is integrated into one software
 ・Ideal for those who are considering a power storage system or an independent power supply system

Construction of software library