High Speed Boot Linux® / Android™ BSP

Minimize the boot-up time of embedded equipment

Although the use of universal operating systems(OS) such as Linux and Android is increasing in embedded devices, there is an issue that they take a long time to boot up. Especially for in-vehicle devices (IVI system, car navigation system, driver monitor system, etc.), boot performance (cold boot) when the power is turned on is required.
For example, in-vehicle rearview cameras must clear the boot-up time stipulated by law (K.T. Safety Act: Images from rearview cameras must be displayed in less than two seconds), and shortening the boot-up time is indispensable. In the industrial, FA and OA fields, the number of devices connected to the network is steadily increasing due to the development of the IoT industry, with the use of the OS, there is a demand for faster booting of various devices.
Our high-speed boot BSP proposes a solution to bring out the optimum boot performance for various embedded devices by using our unique high-speed technology (Kernel loader method).
The Kernel loader method is a normal method of sequentially reading and executing sequentially, which makes it easy to update the file system and boots from the reset state, so the boot performance is stable. In addition, it is easy to respond to changes in the device status, and it can be realized with a minimum of storage.

Applicable equipment (examples)

Car navigation

Display audio

Network camera
AI camera

Digital camera

Driver monitor

Drive recorder

Tablet terminal
for business/studying

IoT device

What we can do for you

Provide a high-speed boot-up library
– Comply with laws and regulations regarding boot-up time
– Support multiple boot-up methods considering hardware restrictions

Booting up Linux®: 2 seconds or less / Booting up Android™: 10 seconds or less

Boot-up time after turning ON the power until Android™ Home is displayed


* BSP (Board Support Package) means a software package that allows operating systems to run on a particular hardware platform.