Company Profile

Company name Miraxia Edge Technology Corporation
Headquarters location  1 Kotari-yakemachi, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto 617-8520, Japan
Establishment January 10, 1997
Activity – Development of embedded software designed for automotive, industrial, and consumer use,
  and system design combining software and hardware
– Software libraries and license sales.
– Development, and sales of module products
Development base Nagaokakyo (Kyoto), Shin-Yokohama (Yokohama), Kadoma (Osaka)
Capital 200 million yen  (wholly owned by Winbond Electronics Corporation)
Number of employees 377 (November 1, 2023)
Officer Representative Director, Chairman of the Board: Cheng-Kung Lin
Representative Director, President: Shogo Nakazawa
Director: Kazuhiro Koyama
Director: Karen K Chiao
Director: JD Chiou
Director: Pei-Ming Chen
Director: Jen-Lieh Lin
Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Akihiko Nishida
Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Chin-Feng Yang

President message

ミラクシア エッジテクノロジー株式会社 社長近影

We are a new company called “Miraxia Edge Technology.”

The name “Miraxia” is a term coined by combining the Japanese word “mirai” meaning “future” and the Greek word “axia” meaning “value.”
The name of this new company incorporates our strong aspirations to create new value by steadily innovating embedded technology and continue making contributions to society despite constant changes in the world.

For years, we have remained close to many customers and helped them fulfill their aspirations in the consumer, automotive, and industrial fields.

Under this new company name, we will further evolve semiconductor and software technologies, which are our strengths, and pave the way to a prosperous future together with you.

Shogo Nakazawa


1997 Established Matsushita Systems and Technology Co., Ltd. (MST).
Opened the Osaka Kyobashi (head office), Nagaokakyo, and Moriguchi district offices.
1998 Opened the Tokyo and Kawasaki district offices.
2003 Closed the Kawasaki district office.
Opened the Saedo and Shin Yokohama district offices.
2006 Renamed the company as Panasonic Semiconductor Systems and Technology Co., Ltd. (PSCST).
Closed the Kyobashi district office.
Transferred the head office (to the Nagaokakyo district office).
2012 Started receiving contracts from Panasonic divisions other than those related to the semiconductor business.
Renamed the company as Panasonic Industrial Devices Systems and Technology Co., Ltd. (PIDST).
Started receiving contracts from companies outside the Panasonic Group.
2013 Achieved CMMI® Level 3.
2014 Launched the sales of software licenses and modules
2015 Integrated some of the development functions of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.
2016 Opened the Kadoma district office.
Achieved CMMI® Level 3 again.
2019 Achieved CMMI® Level 3 again.
2020 Renamed the company as Miraxia Edge Technology Corporation (METC).
2023 Closed the Saedo district office.
Opened the Shin-Yokohama district office.

Our Software Development Group achieved CMMI® Level 3* in November 2019.
(It is the third achievement following those by the Automotive Software Development Group in 2013 and 2016.)

CMMI is administered by the CMMI Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S. and serves as an international index for process maturity. Based on the current achievement, we will promote continued quality improvement initiatives and aim to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

* CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration): An index for evaluating the process maturity of software development. Level 3 refers to the condition where the software development and maintenance policy, guidelines, and procedures have been established throughout the organization, and the organization can stably develop software with a consistent level of quality.


Development base

Head office: Kyoto district
1 Kotari-yakemachi, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto 617-8520, Japan

Shinyokohama base : Yokohama district
Shin-Yokohama TECH Building B-Wing 11F(Reception)/8F, 3-9-18 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama City 222-0033, Japan

Kadoma base : Osaka district
1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8506, Japan