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Development case



We help customers fulfill their aspirations with our comprehensive capabilities with “technology” x “security” x “proposals”

Development results (automotive products)

We have developed various types of products in the comfort, safety/security, and environment fields

Development service in the automotive field

We provide a wide range of development services from advanced development to mass production development and maintenance.

Development case

OS development consulting / Support

●Assistance to customers’ RTOS, Linux® product development

In embedded OSs such as real-time OS (RTOS) and Linux, it is rare to use the SDK provided by a third party or SoC vendor as is. So, a wide range of knowledge and technology are required in order to achieve target performance and reliability with limited hardware resources.
Our experienced engineers have assisted customers to use embedded OS products and we have also provided embedding platform environment (IP licenses) with power consumption and boot-up time optimized according to their requests.

Support target
SoC ・ARM® core inside SoC
OS ・Linux® distribution (Linux®、Android™etc.)
・Realtime OS (μITRON etc.)
Compiler design ・GNU C Compiler(GCC)
・LLVM Compiler

– Consumer : Optical disc, Digital TV, Camera
– Automotive : Optical disc, Digital TV, Car navigation, DA
– Linux® : Digital TV, Automotive digital TV, Surveillance camera
– RTOS : Consumer DVD/Blu-ray, DSC, Movie

Middleware / Device driver development

●Development of device drivers and middleware to draw out maximum performance of hardware via thorough knowledge of devices

■Use case
Image processing and compression in the camera and digital TV fields
– Image input/output drivers
– Motor control drivers in the consumer electronics and audio fields
– IF control drivers for SD/USB/HDMI®/Ether
– Control drivers for achieving processor functions such as GPIO/interruption/communication

– Camera, Digital TV, Recorder
– Consumer electronics
– Car Audio, Automotive ECU etc.

Algorithm development

Development of algorithms to satisfy customers’ requests based on our image processing, image recognition, and sound processing technology that have supported many video/audio products

■Use case
– Algorithms for noise reduction, image compression, and image recognition in the camera field
– 3D image/4K high-image quality output function, multiple-screen synthesis of videos/static images
– Image/sound decode/encode functions (H.264, AAC, etc.)
– Image distribution function for DLNA®, etc.

– Digital TV
– Optical disk
– Automotive
– Camera related products etc.