Concentration sensing

Detects learner’s concentration levels and contributes to improving academic ability and education content

Detecting and capturing the concentration level of a student or a learner during a lecture or training session will help to understand the various aspects of learning environment and education content that could enhance and improve concentration levels. This will further facilitate in creation of a learning environment and education content that could be optimized and customized for individual learners.

Our value proposition

Learning Support


Detects poor concentration
(alerts the teacher)

Teacher carries out an appropriate change
(e.g. change in voice tone)

Enables to maintain high concentration

Environment optimization

Facilitates a learning environment where concentration level is improved

Content evaluation & improvement

Creation/modification of education content that results in high concentration levels

Individual optimization


Building an optimal learning environment and content for each individual

How it works

●Visualize the degree of concentration by AI using features


●Contactless & Non-intrusive sensing

●Correlation with empirical data(※)

Concentration detection video

Case Studies

Measure concentration levels when watching lecture videos

Study 1 : Concentration level variance at different times

Concentration level decreases during the times when you tend to get sleepy

 It is possible to identify the scenarios that affect concentration (time of day, indoor environment, etc.) 

Study 2 : Concentration level variance as per quality of content

Concentration varies depending on the quality of education/lecture content

 Can be used for content evaluation,feedback and improvement 

Product Offerings

Concentration sensing software library
 Supported OS:Windows, Android, Linux

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